With the last roast I finished my first 1kg package of Costa Rica beans. Switching to Guatemala now, another 1kg.

Unfortunatelly with this I am loosing some abililty to reference learnings but I am curious and excited how much the result will be impacted.


  • Further increase weight from 75g to 90g to 110g to 120g


  • Roast in 1 minute increments after first crack
  • Avoid burned roasts by further narrowing down roast times. Focussing on the first 3 minutes after the first crack.
  • Trying to achieve a more even roast by increasing the amount of beans (this might also make it all worse)


  • Origin Guatemala, Finca Buena Vista, Genuine Antigua, Microlot
  • Beans 120g unroasted
  • Air 14-16 °C
  • Duration First crack + 1-3 minutes

Session 4Unroasted beans from Guatemala Session 4…1 hour later